Sunday, May 31, 2009

bye bye may

Spring is basically at the it's end. The North Carolina weather is leaning toward hot. Very hot.

I wore tights today and I regretted the decision. Far too hot already.(I even shredded them)

This is my least favorite time of year. The heat in Charlotte become nearly unbearable, my allergies make me crazy, and nothing really exiting in my near future. The only really exciting thing is my sister is home from school for the summer. She is a sequential artist at SCAD. Basically she is in getting her degree in comic books. I am so proud of her!
Anyway, back to the heat.
I really hate shorts, I'm not built for midriff tops (i.e I'm too pudgy). Plain tanks hang too big and t-shirts just seem too warm. So I am currently obsessed with the concept of shredding t-shirts (and tanks). I have been collecting DIY shirt ideas for years now, and never really successfully created anything. I always screwed them up some how.

But this trend of literally shredding cloth so i't hangs like mesh (but somehow more flattering and way more high fashion) has really grabbed my attention. I wanna. So I'm gonna.

So i did this search online to find the best tutorial. I went though some crappy ones. Seriously. But two You Tube vids has what I needed. I could figure out how to shread the thing. I have been ripping holes in stuff long enough. I just wanted to make sure I knew how to start it without screwing it.

So I found this girl's blog who also had a wonderful you tube video. These gave me a great idea of what I already knew. But would be really useful for someone unfamiliar with fabric.

THIS VIDEO WAS GREAT! Short, to the point, no annoying girl going "er, um, and, um, yeah."

So i'm going to give this a try, and we shall see how it goes.

Wish me luck!

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