Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whew, what a day!

So, after my boyfriend heard that I was working so hard to not spend any money, he offered to buy me an outfit for his sister's graduation. I got so excited! I told you I was experiencing shopping withdrawal. I don't consider myself the type of girl that can't live without new clothes, but any girl that claims to not to get excited, even just a bit, from a new pair of shoes is lying. I think it all goes back to elementary school and picking out your new outfit for the first day back. I loved getting that new pair of shoes and my new dress to impress my teachers and classmates. So to this day a whole new outfit just sends chills of excitement up my spine. So I spend a good hour and a half trying crazy new ways to wear what I have so that I would feel awesome when I hit the town to shop. Let me just say that I really should experiment more, but when it comes to leaving the house, I should listen to Coco Chanel. She said that you should always remove the last thing you put on. In my case, I should remove it and replace it with something more sane. But you be the Judge.

My first outfit. Not a total failure, but I knew I couldn't walk in those shoes. But, MAN,
(Walmart stretch pants, vintage Empire acrylic cardigan, eyeshadow lace top)do I love those shoes. <3 (Issac Mizzarahi for Target)

My second outfit.This one will most likely be used in the future, but it needs a good bit of tweaking first. Those pants are not the worlds most flattering. And this was not the worst picture. As for me being headless? That is the result of my craptacular photography skills. I hope to get better as this goes on. (Target Shoes, Old Navy pants, Calvin Klein reversible men's belt, same Eyeshadow shirt from above)

My third and final. I went with this one. Seems ok right? Cute dress, tights that are a bizarre but effective choice, great jewelry.
(Thrifted vintage dress, Morbid Designs Tights)

But wait... What the F*ck is on your feet?!? (Steve Madden) I could have chosen something basic to counter act the two crazy pieces, but nooooo. I had to go over board. Coco is rolling in her grave.

On the upside check out my sweet jewelry. My ring is vintage. Completely awesome and unique. It's one of my favorite pieces right now.

The earrings are made entirely by me. I shaped, soldered, patina ed, hammered, and wrapped the pair together. The stone is a AAA grade Labradorite. One of my favorite stones and some of the best I've ever seen. The fire is incredible, flashing more blues and greens than most. I will eventually be selling them on my ETSY page. SkwrrL* Collective If you would like a pair now, just e-mail me, pirate-skwrrl@hotmail.com , and I will get them started for you.

My day of shopping went quite well, and I am the proud oner of a new pair of beautiful shoes, basic denim skirt, and tommorow I will pick up my new Vera Wang shirt (don't get too excited, it's from Kholes. On the whole I haven't been overly thrilled by her line there. I kinda Feel like she's phoning it in, but I fell hard for a couple of pieces from this most reacent realise.) I will post pictures tommorrow.

The final bit of excitement for the day came when I logged into my ETSY page. I found out that I was featured in a Treasury! My very first one! Luckly it's a beautiful one. Seriously. Check it out.
Ok, I am out for the night. Have a pleasent evening.

<3 Vanessa*

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