Monday, May 4, 2009

Shopping In My Closet

I have been dying to go shopping lately. With the changing of the weather my winter layering has simply become far too warm. Not only can I not afford the shopping spree of my dreams, I really can't a afford to hit Goodwill. All my (kinda) extra money is being applied to the making of jewelry for my show. So I decided to go rummaging through my closet for forgotten gems. The result was actually fairly good, with one minor hitch. All of it needs to be re sized before I can wear them. I have a huge collection of vintage finds, and make frequent trips to all the local thrift shops. I have amassed quite a pile of clothes I love, but look ridiculous on me due to my diminutive stature. To put it nicely, I'm petite. To be realistic, I am really short, have no shoulders, and size 5 feet. I have been known to wear kids clothing and had quite a collection of little boys t-shirts. So I guess I really need to pack up my goodies and take them to a tailor, because I really am bored with my current wardrobe. These dresses are so versatile, particularly the navy blue tube dress. It's an Express and really is lovely in person. It fits like a dream up top, but has about 4inches too much length at the bottom.
Both of these look vintage but sadly only the multi color one has any real age to it. The black on is actully a beautiful Libertine dress from when Target ran their budget line. Both are too long for me. : (

No one can ever have enough Nautical inspired clothing. I love both of these vintage dresses with a passion, though neither have ever left the house on my body. (both waaay too long)
The Blue one was used in a photo shoot I was in about a year ago. These dresses are too cute to hide any longer. I am too cute. The black skirt here is really really cute, but looks ridiculous due to the excessive length. The gray one doesn't look ridiculous, it would just flatter me sooo much more if it fit. These last skirts are simple black pencil skirts that I have a great deal of love for. The black with pink lineing is Issac Mizzarahi for target, and has always been 2 sizes too big for me and way too long. The black with pink petals is simplty to die for (and too long). A beautiful silk blend with appliqued rose petals, it was a vintage find made only better by the jacket that came with it. They will never be worn as a set again, but oh, they will be worn. Check out the beautiful colors! I'm in love!

Hopefully I can get all this fixed up proper like so I can wear all these loverly pieces.

Final note of the post. Sugar. Horray for sugar. For real. Thank-you to Snapple and Pepsi for making your lovely drinks without the nasty fake taste of Corn Syrup. I can give diet Coke a rest for a while. And would someone PLEASE tell Dr. Pepper to jump on this delicious bandwagon! Now I'm off to savor my Pepsi to the fine sounds of The Velvet Underground.


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