Thursday, May 28, 2009

Animazement 2009 (get ready for pictures!)

So, I'm sorry that posting has been inconsistent (at best) thus far, but the biggest drain on my life and energy has come to an end. Each year I hit The Raliegh, NC Anime con, Animazement. I have watched it grow from a baby to a cranky teen with a serious attitude problem. Each year that I attend I have run a table in Artist's Alley. This has involved all types of trials to overcome. Weather it be the years where the alley was 24 hours and you didn't own the table (i slept less than 8 hours all weekend), or the year I was placed behind a door, or this year where the rules changed and I had to argue and stress heavily because they decided my jewelry was "not Japanese enough". I take a great deal of my inspiration from Tokyo street fashion so I was kinda pissed. But everything ended as well as it could so I was happy. Tired but happy. This was the outside of the convention center. I managed to get a lovely shot of both the fountian and Sir Walt without any nerd hanging off anything. Thrilling.
This was my table. I swear it looked better in person. I could have sold this necklace 5 times over. I guess I need a to make a few variations on it. My clockwork heart. I should have made several of these. Next year, Art auction. These gent were happy to pose for a shot. I loved the green lizard's mohawk. This girl's color choices were top notch!This lovely lady had the best Lolita out fit there (imo) She was the bee's knees. Nice too. I liked this girls ability to make Sweet Loli Look so Rock & Roll. This guy's shirt was the most amazing thig I saw all weekend. AMAZING. Let's call this guy A-RAD-in. I don't know what the best part was. The tats, the sweats, or the purple t-shirt sliced to make a vest. This fails so hard it wins. So I'm talking to my friend Bob (who I was so glad to see and can't wait to see again. He's a really super talented artist and graphic designer) when he suddenly trailed off and looked over my shoulder. I turned to see this.Yeah she was pretty hot. So i let him take a picture. Now I get to hold it ransom. :) THIS.This was what my BFF (OMG!) spent the past 3 months making. Non stop. OMG.They are Steel Samaraui and Pink Princess from Pheonix Wright. Spot on too. My sister as young Pheonix. One of the highlights of my weekend was to meet Michael Sinterniklass of the Venture Brothers fame. He plays Dean Venture (one of my favorite characters) I was overwhelmed by how f-ing cute he was. And nice. And funny. I'm in luv. And yes. I'm dressed as The Bat. I'm amazing, I know. Shoes. Oh my god. Shoes. All in all. Not a bad show. We won a judges award in the cosplay competion, I made a great lump of cash, I got to sleep (some) and actually enjoy the convention, and I got to make new friends, and see the old. I'm gonna go take a nap now. Luv, Vanessa*

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