Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Computer is Back Online

So yeah, I went a full week without my computer. I made a totally (not) legal attempt to download the Metalocalypse premiere after I had accidentally forgotten about it. I'm really sorry I forgot about you guys! Art by tenshi-sirius

Adult swim.com had not posted the episode yet so I went looking elsewhere. YouTube...nope. Megavideo...nope. Random download site... Oh SH*T! I had accidentally downloaded 9 viruses. 9! Now THAT is brutal. Then Adult Swim.com posted the episode that night. Dildos. The guys are not supposed to be adorable, yet that didn't stop my talented sister from doing this to them. Find her here & here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween. Without a camera. Blah.

Upon arriving to my destination for Halloween preparation (i don't mean that as a joke, I mean the place I was getting dressed for Halloween) I realized that when I woke up at 2am in a panic the previous night to charge my camera, i didn't do a very good job. Halloween. No camera. Crap. Nobody else had one either. We had to record all the nights event on IPhones. And while the camera on it is not too bad, it's major downfall is poor lighting. In other words, night time. Double Crap. On the upside, we had a swell time, and everyone was adorable. i promise. Thought I can't really prove it. This photo of my mom and dad came out fairy well. My Mom is a Kewpie Doll. Her hair is gelled up into a freakin' mohawk. She wouldn't leave it that way, but she really was adorable. Dad copped out and wore PJ's. He almost rolled Dukt Tape on backwards, rolled in the leaves, and came as autumn (way more awesome), but he just wore Pjs. Poo. At least he was comfy.

The lady's house we went to (her name is Shannon btw) was AMAZING. The entire place was made up like a Martha Stewart Halloween Issue. I wanted to cry at the details she went in to. And her kids we so sweet, adorable, and funny. The youngest was dressed as Cindy-Loo-Who (dr. suess) and nailed it. I really really wish I had a photo. Yummy Zombie Cupcakes made by my mom and Susan. The shiny blood kills me!

One of the coolest parts of the evening was talking to the house across the street. The had LIFE SIZE MODELS (OMG!) of the Nightmare Before Christmas (which is my all time favorite movie. & yes I'm old enough to say that since the original realise.) The Jack and Zero made me so happy! Lock, Shock, and Barrel were being repaired, but I got to see Barrel up close. I still can't believe I didn't have a real camera. EHHHHH.I only got two (bad) photo's of my own costume which I was really excited about posting up here. I owned everything (right down to the trim and ribbons I added) with the exception of the tights (two pairs I stitched together &added the embellishments), the wig (which I borrowed from Brittany), and the white cream make-up (which I would have owned but was out of). The costume cost me less than $20 which I believe to be an all time record for me. Wait no, Tank Girl didn't cost me much but I wasn't accurate, and nobody knew who I was. The dress I wore was actually a beautiful silk Lolita dress I found at (believe it or not) Forever 21. There it was hanging there, the only one, in my size, and only $5! And angel gave it to me. I swear. I have worn this thing like 20 times. One of my all time best purchases. Really. I paired it with a goth black petticoat (also in my closet already. in fact, i had color choices) this one from my Hot Topic days. My make up I messed with my own design and combined elements of these two inspiring photos. I loved the final result. Creepy Dolly. I wish had more time to spend on my make up. I wanted to wear my blue contacs, and make a crack down my face, but I just ran plum out of time. And like I said, I was really (over all) quite pleased.

It was lovely to do something different for Halloween, kinda low key, and I loved spending time with my family (missed you 'Licia) ,espcially Auntie Sandra who I don't get to see often, but i really missed (my best friend) Brittany who is on a cruise right now. I can't wait till she gets back!