Sunday, June 28, 2009

This Week Has Kinda Sucked

I'm really glad this week is over. I don't think we could afford to lose any more pop icons.

Ed June 23, 2009

Mike June 25 2009

Farrah June 25, 2009

Billie June 28, 2009

R.I.P. Everybody. I think I may be the saddest about Billie.
Hope next week is better.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

furthering my career

I finally sent out my wholesale line of jewelry to Carolina Lilly in Salisbury, NC. I really can't express the way it feels to be inching toward my dream of designing full time. I truly am proud of the line though It was extraordinarily challenging to stay within her budget. My hope is that she will soon ask for some more expensive pieces to put on consignment. I'm feeling expensive lately. I have been working on some extravagant pieces lately and will post them soon. But for now I leave you with my babies.
This isn't all of them but I posted the ones with the best pictures. Which pair do you like the best?


Friday, June 12, 2009


Things I hate spending money on.
1) Cars. Anything have to do with them. Repairs, maintenance, insurance, tags. I hate it all. I really would sooo much rather just live close enough to walk.
3) utilities.
4) Findings. The metal stuff that hold jewelry together. Expensive. Not fun.
5) Hotels. I already pay rent. I hate paying extra to sleep somewhere else. It sucks.

I love spending money on other people. Giving gifts make me warm and fuzzy.

I love spending money on vintage. Anything. Clothes, shoes, beads, and Knick-nacks top my list.

I love spending money on shoes. I wish I had more to spend on them.

I love spending money on beads. Especially nice stone/gems, super cool glass, and vintage.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

shoes. (OMG)

Like every fashion blogger hasn't already used this joke title. I know my idol the Glamorai has.
Whatever moving on. So I found this lovely ETSY page tonight and decided I needed to post JUST to show this off. CHECK IT OUT! The James Rowland Shop. The best collection of vintage boots (and some shoes) I've seen in some time. Each unique of one another yet they all seem to belong.
Eh. I am having serious boot envy. Way too big for my feet, but how about yours? I mean now that you've seen them can you really live another day without Ochre heeled booties?

Need a bit less color more drama? These positively scream Selina Kyle to me. Catwoman is the most glam of all villians ever.
Yet so bad ass. Check out how the gloves look like the Boots above!

These are so sweet. I almost think my sister maybe would wear them but I wouldn't take the risk.

These are the closest to my size. I love them. I don't need them at all. But I love them.
They also have a BLOG I just want to hang out with them and talk about boots. Forever.
Go. Buy. NOW.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a day of glamor (my way)

I am not high maintenance. Never have been, I hope to never develop that disposition. So my idea of glamor is usually a smidge less than oh, everyone elses. In my eyes I had a very decadent day. For starters I waaay over slept. Yep, off to a self-indulgent start. Then i pulled together a few items I needed to return to walmart, got some store credit, and purchased a lovely new tripod.
His name is Steve.

I also purchased 2 pairs of knee high trouser socks that I didn't need. They were so cute though! Then I made my way to the craft store in search of the right color embroidery thread to patch a dress and ended up with the makings of a necklace that I certainly wasn't planning on. My next stop brought me to Chic-Fil-a where I bought lunch with the inclusion of an ice cream dessert (you don't realise how indulgent that really is. I'm lactose intolerant. LOL!). After lunch Steve and I photographed my outfit.yep.

Then I settled indoors for the remainder of this hot day. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's (which I'm ashamed to admit I had never seen before. It was everything i had hoped for. Audrey really is incredible.) Then to keep with the Audrey theme I switched from Hepburn to Tataou and watched Amalie (one of my all time faves) All the while working on my wholesale line of earrings. I'm nearly finished and I can't wait to debut them!

As a final Glamorous act I finished reading all the archived posts of the Glamourai.
She is amazing. I want to grow up to be her. Cept I'm older. ~sigh~
My tunes of choice had to meet a certain level of glam standards so I tuned into Brian Eno, T-rex, and the Emperor of glamorous music and poise David Bowie.

All in all a splendid day If I do say so myself.
Hope yours was splendid too.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

in desperate need of a tripod

The other day I was making my usual sad attempt at photographing my wearings when an accident occurred. I had arranged my precious camera on a chair (stupid stupid stupid) in hopes of capturing a great shot (ha!). I hurried into position and I must have bumped the chair because the camera and tripod crashed off the side. AAAAGGGGG! The good news: my camera sustained no damage (oh thank you lucky stars) The bad: my dollar store tripod had bitten the dust. ~SIGH~

In further bad news, Guilt Groupe, which if you are unfamiliar with be sure to check out, had an Alexander McQueen Sale the other day. Ehhh. I desperately longed to drop money on this skirt. I'm not one for butterfly print but seriously. OMG. Pockets.

I would love for either one of these to come wandering into my closet also. Gawd, the the colors on that Kimono dress are so yummy.
The ruffle tank is one of the most impractical pieces of real clothing I have ever seen. I WANT IT BAD. I would wear it every day dragging across gravel and though mud puddles. I think that would truly make Alexander happy.

But this dress. THIS DRESS.

I would do dirty, nasty, horrible things to own.
And I would wear it to the grocery store. Just because I could.

What designer would you wear every day of your life?