Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a day of glamor (my way)

I am not high maintenance. Never have been, I hope to never develop that disposition. So my idea of glamor is usually a smidge less than oh, everyone elses. In my eyes I had a very decadent day. For starters I waaay over slept. Yep, off to a self-indulgent start. Then i pulled together a few items I needed to return to walmart, got some store credit, and purchased a lovely new tripod.
His name is Steve.

I also purchased 2 pairs of knee high trouser socks that I didn't need. They were so cute though! Then I made my way to the craft store in search of the right color embroidery thread to patch a dress and ended up with the makings of a necklace that I certainly wasn't planning on. My next stop brought me to Chic-Fil-a where I bought lunch with the inclusion of an ice cream dessert (you don't realise how indulgent that really is. I'm lactose intolerant. LOL!). After lunch Steve and I photographed my outfit.yep.

Then I settled indoors for the remainder of this hot day. I watched Breakfast At Tiffany's (which I'm ashamed to admit I had never seen before. It was everything i had hoped for. Audrey really is incredible.) Then to keep with the Audrey theme I switched from Hepburn to Tataou and watched Amalie (one of my all time faves) All the while working on my wholesale line of earrings. I'm nearly finished and I can't wait to debut them!

As a final Glamorous act I finished reading all the archived posts of the Glamourai.
She is amazing. I want to grow up to be her. Cept I'm older. ~sigh~
My tunes of choice had to meet a certain level of glam standards so I tuned into Brian Eno, T-rex, and the Emperor of glamorous music and poise David Bowie.

All in all a splendid day If I do say so myself.
Hope yours was splendid too.

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