Monday, March 29, 2010


Self designed and made jewelry, Delias shirt, Vintage Liz Claiborne Skirt, Target Tights, Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes courtesy of Southern Comforts

Don't you just love when something comes together? Most of this necklace has been waiting for a home for some time now. I was more than happy to put the puzzle together.

Flourtie, Amazonite, crystal, Vintage Swarovski, Swarovski, Amethyst, Vintage Lucite, Sterling Silver

The sunset was so pretty.
I watched it for a while.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Hendersonville, the epic jouney part three (the greehouse)

Now I know why people photograph flowers all the time. It's so easy to get a shot that is usable and beautiful. Plus, Macro. Hell yes.
I always have to photograph myself when I do my outfit shots. It's a little bit that I'm a control freak, and a little bit that I don't have anyone else to do it. If I could convince my boyfriend to take them we almost never see each other during daylight. So it was kinda a treat to have my Mom to shoot a couple of shots that my tripod just couldn't get to. All the ones in the little vignettes were shot my her. Yay Mom!

This was so cool that I climbed up into the little enclosure it hung in to get photos. I'm glad none of the staff saw me. I doubt they would have been pleased.

It was a good deal smaller than it looks. No bigger than a clementine orange. I just loved the creepy fingers it had.

Cute little fishsies!
Adorable orange dot.
Look out little black fish! The terrible dwelling doll will such your soul! Seriously though, this was beyond creepy. I don't know why they put it in.
I had a blast taking photos in here. I think we were in there nearly an hour. A big thanks to my Grandpa for being patient even though he was hungry.

I swear these posts are almost over.

Hendersonville, the epic journey part deux

I'm really through with all the "epic" parts of the trip. Now I just want to share my fun and photos. These are just shots of the house (or the outside of it anyway) I spent a good bit of time taking photos in the courtyard.
Check out how friggin cool the brick work is!
I just love all the stone detail everywhere.

We stopped down by the lake so I could snap a few of the the house on the hill I looked out on the lake and noticed this fella.

He ended up getting pretty close to me. I guess he was trying to see if I had any bread scraps.

More to come!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hendersonville, the epic jouney, part one.

On the last day of February my mom and i headed up the Mountain to Hendersonville NC (one of my favorite places in the world) to have a visit-my-grandparents-day trip. The plans included two of my favorite Mt. haunts. The Biltmore Estate (if you have never been and get the chance, GO!) and a stop in to my favorite store on the planet, Honeysuckle Hollow. But more about that later. In full on Ross family tradition, things did not go quite as planned. We began our trip with a stop off in Amelie's Bakery in Charlotte to have breakfast. My mom had never been and she needed to try it. We bought a boatload of goodies and headed on the road. Totally on time (a rarity for us) Snaking on tea cakes and coffee, we were in excellent spirits when we hit the steepest part of our trip. The dreaded Saluda grade. Not 3 minutes into it and the check engine light began to flash and the car started chugging violently. the feeling compared to running over the rumble strips they put on the side of the road to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel. Let me tell you we were wide awake. We pulled off the road to give my mom a minute to work through her panic attack and to see if there was anywhere to pull the car in to investigate. I asked a cop for help and his super helpful question : "Did you ladies check te see if ye hayd gas?" Yes officer. we have gas.  So we finally get the courage to get back on the road. The car chugs all the rest of the trip and we arrive in Hendersonville just in time for it to begin snowing. Oh boy. Arrival at my grandparents was met with quick hugs and a rush out the door. We had to make our gate time. I wasn't aware Biltmore operated on a schedule, but there you go. Shows what I know. One we arrived it was like the earlier event had never happened. It was butt ass freezing cold and nearly snowing all day, but so worth the trip. They had opened four new rooms in the house I believe they were children's room by the size of them, and they were a little less over the top than most of the larger bedrooms. They were my favorite part this trip especially the porcelain mantle hand painted with flowers. I was really tempted to break out the camera and take some illegal photos. I snagged a few off the interweb, none do it any justice.Look at those flowers! OMG! Could have lived in this room. Seriously. One of the more entertaining parts of the trip was explaining to my Grandparents why I was snapping photos of myself. "Well, I do this online journal sort of thing..." I had to get one in front of the famous lions. It was taken in less than 30 seconds set up to finish, and almost caused us to miss the tram. My Grandpa wasn't too happy about that. This is my mom. Isn't she adorable! We were playing in the toy shop. Though neither of us bought anything. Rare. This one I took out in the gardens to show the friggin' size of the gates. Holy moly! I feel like i'm slowly getting better with my little point and shoot, if only I could stop making faces, (and post more often) this blog might actually gain some readers. (love the 10 i have dearly though!) I made this necklace specifically to wear with this dress, on this trip. Vintage faux pearls, AAA grade rose quartz, AAA grade garnet, Sterling Silver, Tiny resin, paper and wire side pendant, seed beads, and of course, the compass! Didn't want to get lost in the mountains! The dress is one of the most amazing pieces of clothing I own. Late1940- early50's (not quite sure which though I think 50's) I only had to hem it. the bodice fit like it was made for me (crazy because I am PETITE! From ball of shoulder to ball of shoulder i am only a foot across. This is why I wear so much stretch cotton jersey. Nothing else really fits me) I adore the paisley print and the red. The old steel zipper and the pleated cumberbun style waist just sealed it for me as my favorite vintage find ever. I've had it for years and this is the first time I've worn it in public because I had to hem it nearly a foot before it didn't look ridiculous on me. My dress matches the Hydrant! Forever 21 cardigan, vintage handmade dress, Target tights, Salvatore Ferrigamo shoes courtesy of Southern Comforts Antiques, Urban Outfitters leather lace gloves, SkwrrL Collective Necklace More to come! Yay! Vanessa*