Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tea for 2(sday) : Bigelow Vanilla Chai

Good to see you guys again! I needed to take a little break from the internet, but after a spell of rest, and tons of inspiration, I'm excited about blogging again! I thought I would start out with a bit of a challenge.
Welcome to the first (nearly late edition) of Tea for 2(sday).
I figured this was a great way to tap my love of the dark warm brew.  I also used this as an excuse to try out some new photoshop tricks. And so I drank tea and learned how to edge my photos and add tint and hand-written text! I used this fantastic tutorial to scallop the edges of my lovely photos of tea.

It's just my sugarlumps bump ba bumpThey look so good, that's why I keep 'em in the front.- Flight of the Conchords   I didn't have to look any further than my cabinet to find my first subject. I always keep Bigelow Vanilla Chai on hand. It's my favorite everyday black tea. Some bag Chai is overly spiced (one that I bought had black pepper in it and was Very noticeable). This is very mellow and tastes fabulous plain or with cream and sugar.  

Bigelow describes this tea as:
Explore the mystery of Chai. India is a land shrouded in mystery. From the beauty of the Taj Mahal to the markets of New Delhi, it is a country unlike any other in the world. For centuries, the drink of the Maharajas has been equally mysterious - an ambrosia called Chai. Chai is a delightful blend of tea and exotic spices. It is often brewed with milk, which gives Chai a wonderful, creamy characteristic. In Bigelow Vanilla Chai, we have added vanilla, offering you a whole new dimension in Chai. A sure way to please your senses and enchant your taste buds.
Ingredients: black tea, spices, natural and artificial flavors (soy lecithin)

I recommend this tea to the casual drinker, and a lover of spicy, sweet flavors. I love mine strong, with sugar, cream, and ginger snaps! You can purchase it at most grocery stores (at least in the south east:)