Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I know I'm not the only girl who is simply dieing for real fall weather. Here in Charlotte, it is approaching. Slowly. I will catch a waft of chilly air in an otherwise balmy breeze and can't help but smile. Inspiration to play with warmer colors and multiple layers has hit me hard. I went shopping yesterday(more for looking than buying as one needs money for the later), but for the most part I was disappointed. I was underwhelmed. Particularly by American Apparel. I always get it in my head that they are the holy grail of easy to wear basics. Yet every time i enter the premises I am disappointed. Their t-shirts are great. And they have ok leggings. Beyond that, everything is pretty much cheeply made over priced whore clothes. Except their tights. I need a few of them. Bad. But i digress.
I went in solely to find this skirt. Homerun Ballerina. Love this girl's Blog.
What i found was cheaply constructed, unflattering, and completely see though. All for the low price tag of $30. For some reason it looks lovely on these ladies. I dunno.
I think i'm going to turn all my shopping energies toward the vintage, handmade, and local world. I really should be mostly doing this anyway but F21, Marshalls, and Urban's clearence are so cheap. So i'm going to challenge myself to make 80% of my fall purchaces fit within these restraints. I'll be happier for it. I'll start by telling you about a local girl and a fellow Etsyian (and fellow blogger. She is featured above) I'm kinda obsessing over. I am having a fit over all her lovely knitwear, but especially her Bubble Berets. I WANT ONE. They may (probably will) be an upcoming purchase. I also love her Colorblock Cowl! So pretty!

And BONUS(!) she is from Colombia,SC. Like an hour from here! SO excited. What an excellent place to begin my mission.

Luv, Vanessa*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Classes at Beadlush ONE WEEKEND ONLY!

DO you live in charlotte NC (or within a 2 hours drive)? Do you have and interest in seed bead weaving? DO think Halloween is the most amazing thing since toilet paper? Have you nothing terribly important to do this weekend? Then HOLY MOLY, have I got the perfect thing for you. Megan Savors (one of the most brilliant seed bead manipulators I have ever met, and had the privalige to work with for a lovely 4 or so months) will be arriving via jet this weekend (from Colarado) to share some of her brilliant classes with us. Megan has devised four fantasic classes. All of which have the look of "How did she do that?" Well, she is going to show you how.
She has two adorable Halloween classes.

Wire wrapped "Sparkly Spider Earrings"(Sat. Sept. 19th)

and Peyote stiched "Megan’s Beaded Wicked Witch" (sun Sept. 20th)

Halloween not your thing? (can't imagine why though) She still has two more classes that brilliantly use the simple Peyote stitch to create mindbogglingly brilliant jewels.

Her stunning "Crystal Drop Necklace" is a masterpiece you can wear. (sat. Sept 19th)

Last, but by no means least, her "Peyote Toggle" make a beautiful, versatile centerpiece clasp.
(Friday Sept. 18th)

Not only that, the circle of the set makes lovely earrings if you make two!

She is VERY reasonable in her pricing, and a brilliant instructor. You can check her out www.gypsybeads.biz

Check out all the information about her classes @ Beadlush.com
Sign up for her classes by calling Beadlush (704) 376-3331