Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just So you Know

I don't know what's going on with Blogger this week. Like many other Blogger users, I have been unable to access my account on my home computer. I was able to log in at work, so I decided to post this quickly on my lunch. I will be back to a more regular posting schedule when they get themselves all straightened out. I have a whole back log of posts that were in process, so there will be new material soon :)

Thanks for your patience,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Fashionable

My love of fashion and all things nerdy can sometimes seem contrary to one another. Nerds are not typically thought of as the most stylish people on the planet (in fact usually quite the opposite) but you can be as big of a geek about the big designers, high fashion, and Couture as you can about Star Trek. In fact, many designers find themselves inspired heavily by movie trends, and lets face it, it's been a great movie decade for nerds. I found Katrina Navarro through Tumblr (brought to my attention by my sister) marries her comic book love with her satirical sensibilities by designing a line of hero inspired clothes. She took the iconic costumes and made them downright wearable! I'm so in love with several of them that I may attempt to piece one (or two) together. Hooray for subtle nerdy-ness!

The Wonder Woman Is beautiful. Just gorgeous. Possibly my fave.And just in case you aren't a giant nerd, I've obtained photos of the heroes in their regular spandex.Bruce Timm Illustration

The Black Canary design is I love that I could literally pull this out of my closet with some adjustment and wear it.Bruce Timm

My sister is super (ha ha) in love with the Robin, and wants me to piece it together for her.

And just in case you were wondering, this is Tim Drake Robin. Yes, there was more than one Robin. In fact there were LOTS of Robins.

Raven is one of my all time favorite supes. Her outfit is right up my alley. LOVE.

Oh the girl version she did of the green arrow is basically a dream outfit. I will probably be on a permanent mission to obtain these pieces.

All in all, kinda amazing. There are several more on her Tumblr : Asterous Fashion
She has only done DC comics thus far, but She's promised Marvel :) I'm excited.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Soul

I attended Fashion Soul in South End Saturday night. This event was held at Dharma Lounge in South End Charlotte. This was my first runway event, and it was super exciting because all the talent was local. The crowd was extremely diverse, and the show was overall pretty darn good. My photography, however, was not. So bear with me. I tried to post my best shots, so I had to skip a bunch of outfits. I hope to find better shots online later. If I do, I will post.

First up on the catwalk was Niche (yes the same one I won't shut up about. I love their stuff OK.)

I REALLY love this dress. I wish I could have gotten a better photo for you.

The guys were looking fab. Pretty sure they are carrying Enemy TO Fashion bags.
Love the subtle styling additions: the great tights above, the nude belt and ankle socks below.

AWWWWWWWWWWW! Those shoes!

Pretty sure Stephanie did the hair as well as the styling. How awesome is this?!

The second set was by The Frock Shop. Unfortunately these were my worst photos. The Theme was Parisian Safari and it really embodied elegant adventure.

I really wish I could have gotten more photos. :(

The third set was my least favorite. It was kinda all over the place and sort of matronly. I did like a few looks, but over all not my cuppa tea.

Above was my favorite. The big billowy white skirt looked lovely. It caught the breeze just a bit as it came down the catwalk. Below was my least. This was one of several looks that just seemed to scream "Dynasty" and not in any good way.

This looks like a bad devil Halloween costume, and it's styled AWFUL. If the shirt is gonna show the bra then OWN it. Red sparkly bra please. Or go sure risque and skip it all together.

This collection was by Cigi Guzman. She designs a line called John T. Fellow. I love it. There were bow ties and shorts all throughout. I wonder if Boyfriend knows what he's going to be dressed like all summer. I've been dropping hints. I think the hints are going to become presents soon.

The final collection By Joey Hewel was the most Artsy and fantastical. Kinda looked like it was designed for Lady Gaga. Especially the first one.

I mean come on. Can't you see Gaga at an awards show in this?

This was my favorite look to walk the stage all night. Love it from head to toe! The colors, the capelet, the heels, the tattoos. It killed me a little.

This was just breathtaking to watch walk down the runway. It fluttered like a butterfly's wings (which may have actually been what he was going for as flight kinda seed a theme)

Those two in the front were also gorgeous, but I didn't get good photos. The heels were just amazing. One had butterflies all over, the other had flowers.

The show, overall was very exciting to see local real talent on a stage in Charlotte. It really does show that Charlottetiean artists DO know what is going on it the art and fashion world, and they are eager to add their own voice to the loud world of fashion.


p.s. check out Sarah's review @Stitch Machine!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Morning and Night

I LOVE tights, I love stars, and these two pairs of tights have me starry-eyed!

These are perfect! Multi-sized dark stars on sexy fishnets. Love. Get them here --> ROMWE

These are just my cup of tea. Nude, sparkly, and on the knee! Get them here--> Henry Holland on

Fashion shoot post coming up soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok. SO these photos are total crap, but it's a teaser of what my friends Sarah, Merissa, and I did last night.