Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today. Ehg.

Woke up today with the water in our apartment running half it's usually dinky pressure. After my pathetic shower my hair decided to have a terrible fit with me. I re-wet it so as to style it again with the hair dryer which decided at this point not to turn back on. At this point I was cold, not dressed, had bad hair, and was late. That is how my day went. All day. Ehg.Vintage Beret, Target cardigan, Forever 21 Turtleneck, Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt, Steve Madden tights (gift from Boss), Vintage leather boots, Smokey Quartz Necklace by ME! (SkwrrL Collective)

I wore this beret (which I almost couldn't find furthering my tardiness) to cover up my terrible hair day (which almost didn't help it was so bad). My favorite black boots were worn to keep me out of puddles, but I discovered that my soles are coming lose. Also my tights have a run in them. Ehg. I'm gonna go have another Gin & Tonic.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


It got up to a balmy 59 degrees here today! I'm so excited to have pretty weather again. The snow and slush has been kinda a downer, And it feels like this dank winter has dragged forever. I'm so glad that spring is coming and this perfect weather is here!

I look like I'm trying to squish a bird.

I guess I could comment on what I'm wearing. This dress is soooo cozy. It's vintage and I love the print. That easy cardigan was all I needed to make this wearable today!

cardigan: Mossimo, Dress: All that Jazz (vintage), boots: Destroy via Boris and Natasha's (one of my all time favorite stores), Necklace and earrings : SkwrrL Collective

Here's to perfect weather (and more of it?)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Garbage Dress

Sorry to subject you to these boots AGAIN, but they are so comfortable! And I work on my feet for 8 hours a day. When i got dressed this morning I was thinking about Zana of Garbage Dress and her amazing use of a limited pallet. Not something I could do all the time, I enjoy a monochromatic look. And I do love black.
I really love to pair this skirt with black. Especially after seeing this. Clever Nettle. I love her blog and her sense of effortless vintage style. I hope to learn some Photoshop skillz so that my blog is a little dressier, soon. Her's is so pretty, and it makes me jealous.

Delias Blouse, Vintage Ann Taylor Khaki Skirt, Thrifted Belt, Betsy Johnson Tights, SkwrrL* Collective Necklace

Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine?

I used to have an angry, anti-Valentines stance every year. Even when dating I thought it was such a stupid holiday (i even yelled at one boyfriend for getting me roses when I begged him not to get me anything.) Now that I'm a little older (perhaps a little wiser) I'm beginning to understand the appeal of the "holiday". It's not about what they commercially want you to think it's about. Not having a romantic relationship that rivals Romeo + Juliet, but just having someone who loves you. may it be your "Valentine" or be it your best friend, boss, Mom, or Sister. As 30 Rock showed us, we all just want to know that somebody cares for us. Even if it's just enough to pick us up from the Dentist. Anthropologie Cardigan, Walmart dress, Destroy Boots, SkwrrL Collective Earrings
I even got so into it this year i made valentines! I haven't done this since elementary school!

My Mom Always celebrates Valentines day every year. She gives us (my sister and I) these sweet little gifts. This year, I got him.

He's a vintage Steiff mohair Squirrel! I LOVE him. Though I haven't named him yet. What should I name him guys? leave me a comment.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seeing Red

And Loving it! Enjoy these fabulous photos all taken at Southern Comforts Antiques.

Happy Valentines Day all! (However you may celebrate)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a Day.

SkwrrL* Collective Necklace: Multiple Brass Chains, Swarovski Crystal, Black Glass "Pearls", Brass Bat Stamping

Rodarte for Target Cardigan, Lotus Vintage Styled Tunic Dress, Target Leggings, Vintage Black Leather Boots
All Photos taken at Southern Comforts Antiques

That's All.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Taste of Spring

Found the first egg of the season! (thanks Mom!)

I love, love, love, love, love, love,love Cadbury cream eggs. I would eat them daily if they were available. So thank you Cadbury for only releasing these around Easter so I'm not a giant fat pig.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Human Quilt

I have a serious problem with mixing patterns. An addiction if you will. I tend to pile them on in multitudes. Probably stems from my mom not ever letting me do it when I was a kid. I would fight with her that if the colors went why didn't it work? I remember very specifically one outfit. I wanted to match a candy colored striped peter pan collar and poof sleeve shirt (i remember it so well because I loved that thing. It had white heart shaped buttons!) with a pair of light blue and white tiny checked overalls. We went around and around about it. I brought that outfit to her over and over again for approval but each time it was a no go. She just wouldn't let me out of the house looking like a crazy person. Well, I got her back for that. I look like a crazy person at least half the time I leave the house. Coco and Chase plaid jacket, Target Striped turtleneck, Vintage skirt, Hot Topic fishnets, Vintage black leather riding boots, Vintage black knit gloves (thanks Susan!), Necklace my creation!
I dunno. I guess I just like looking like a quilt.