Saturday, February 20, 2010


It got up to a balmy 59 degrees here today! I'm so excited to have pretty weather again. The snow and slush has been kinda a downer, And it feels like this dank winter has dragged forever. I'm so glad that spring is coming and this perfect weather is here!

I look like I'm trying to squish a bird.

I guess I could comment on what I'm wearing. This dress is soooo cozy. It's vintage and I love the print. That easy cardigan was all I needed to make this wearable today!

cardigan: Mossimo, Dress: All that Jazz (vintage), boots: Destroy via Boris and Natasha's (one of my all time favorite stores), Necklace and earrings : SkwrrL Collective

Here's to perfect weather (and more of it?)

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