Monday, February 15, 2010

Be Mine?

I used to have an angry, anti-Valentines stance every year. Even when dating I thought it was such a stupid holiday (i even yelled at one boyfriend for getting me roses when I begged him not to get me anything.) Now that I'm a little older (perhaps a little wiser) I'm beginning to understand the appeal of the "holiday". It's not about what they commercially want you to think it's about. Not having a romantic relationship that rivals Romeo + Juliet, but just having someone who loves you. may it be your "Valentine" or be it your best friend, boss, Mom, or Sister. As 30 Rock showed us, we all just want to know that somebody cares for us. Even if it's just enough to pick us up from the Dentist. Anthropologie Cardigan, Walmart dress, Destroy Boots, SkwrrL Collective Earrings
I even got so into it this year i made valentines! I haven't done this since elementary school!

My Mom Always celebrates Valentines day every year. She gives us (my sister and I) these sweet little gifts. This year, I got him.

He's a vintage Steiff mohair Squirrel! I LOVE him. Though I haven't named him yet. What should I name him guys? leave me a comment.



  1. Stanley, or Maurice....I'm obsessed with the name Maurice right now....How about Sputnik...cute name, be it Squirrel, or Swarovski ;)

  2. oooh, I am Lovin Maurice! I have no French named "friends" hmmm...