Sunday, August 24, 2014


gravity falls dipper pines summerween mable pines gif

So Summerween Mabel is 100% purchased. I (hopefully) have all the supplies needed to make this ridiculous outfit happen. Now I just have an immense amount of work to do, and not a lot of time in which to do it. WHY DO I ALWAYS WAIT SO LONG??!!!

Bitching aside. I actually think this is going to go well.

Dye all my items
Sew the "Jar"
Build the frame from PVC
Sew the hat
Carve and paint the foam into the jar lid
Glue a strawberry to the front
Sew a strawberry on my sweater
Paper Mâché and paint the Jack O Mellon
Finish Noodle (Gorillaz)

All by Tuesday. 
Wish me luck. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Holy Crap, She's Back! (Also Dragon Con Prep)

Hello world. Trying to get back on the blogging track. I figured what better to do so with than reporting on my current projects! 
Dragon Con is swiftly approaching. Like, really swiftly. I leave next Thursday night. Do I have all my costumes done yet? Hell no, I do not. This year I will be keeping it simple, quick, light, and most importantly, affordable. I'm completely obsessed with the Disney show Gravity Falls. 

It's a occult filled supernatural cartoon with unexpectedly well written scripts and equally unexpected comic timing. And then there's the main characters, Dipper and Mabel. 12 year old mystery solving twins. Dipper is actually a well rounded, interesting character and I like him quite a bit. I would probably watch the show if he was an only child.  But then, there is Mabel. 

You guys, Mabel is my Patronus. I simultaneously grew up as her and want to grow up to be her. 

I'm trying really hard to make that dream a reality. Or, at least I want to cosplay her at every opportunity. Two years ago at my first Dragon Con, I donned a sweater in August in Atlanta.  My super awesome sister happens to also love the show, and quite likes Mabel's brother, Dipper. We are pictured above being completely adorable together. So cute.
So it's time again for the Wonder Twin powers to activate! Form of jar or Peanut Butter! Shape of Jar or Jelly! No really. This is happening. 
I have all of my materials together and I've come in at under $20 for the supplies. So yeah, I am hitting Dragon Con, one of the most prominent costume conventions in the country dressed as a 12 year old, dressed as a jar of jelly.  I'm hella excited.  
Stsy tuned for more exciting costuming news.
Luv, Vanessa*