Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today. Ehg.

Woke up today with the water in our apartment running half it's usually dinky pressure. After my pathetic shower my hair decided to have a terrible fit with me. I re-wet it so as to style it again with the hair dryer which decided at this point not to turn back on. At this point I was cold, not dressed, had bad hair, and was late. That is how my day went. All day. Ehg.Vintage Beret, Target cardigan, Forever 21 Turtleneck, Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt, Steve Madden tights (gift from Boss), Vintage leather boots, Smokey Quartz Necklace by ME! (SkwrrL Collective)

I wore this beret (which I almost couldn't find furthering my tardiness) to cover up my terrible hair day (which almost didn't help it was so bad). My favorite black boots were worn to keep me out of puddles, but I discovered that my soles are coming lose. Also my tights have a run in them. Ehg. I'm gonna go have another Gin & Tonic.


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  1. You still look way cuter than I do on any given day 'Nessa :)