Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Human Quilt

I have a serious problem with mixing patterns. An addiction if you will. I tend to pile them on in multitudes. Probably stems from my mom not ever letting me do it when I was a kid. I would fight with her that if the colors went why didn't it work? I remember very specifically one outfit. I wanted to match a candy colored striped peter pan collar and poof sleeve shirt (i remember it so well because I loved that thing. It had white heart shaped buttons!) with a pair of light blue and white tiny checked overalls. We went around and around about it. I brought that outfit to her over and over again for approval but each time it was a no go. She just wouldn't let me out of the house looking like a crazy person. Well, I got her back for that. I look like a crazy person at least half the time I leave the house. Coco and Chase plaid jacket, Target Striped turtleneck, Vintage skirt, Hot Topic fishnets, Vintage black leather riding boots, Vintage black knit gloves (thanks Susan!), Necklace my creation!
I dunno. I guess I just like looking like a quilt.


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  1. Hey Ness, I think that second picture of you there is one of the prettiest pictures you've ever taken. I mean, you look great in it <3