Saturday, January 30, 2010

Freezing Cold = Spring Thoughts

It is cold. Really, really cold. Currently I am looking at 24 degrees F and falling. I have spent all day indoors cozy-ed up. And I have been able to think about is the Spring 2010 color palate. I happens to contain all of my favorite colors (with the exception of my all time fave, peridot puke)Oh nope! There it is!
I want to wrap myself in bright pastels (is that a real thing?) and dark neutrals. At the same time. YES.
I know I'm behind by a few months but I'm inspired by it now. So I'm talking about it now.
So there.
Marni had my favorite rendition with stripes, polka dots, florals, and decorated shiny thingies. Here's my top 10.The Marc Jacobs show was my second favorite. And while (unlike the Marni show) I would not wear any of the full outfits as is, the themes and individual pieces were very impressive to me.

This was just gorgeous!
I love the soft colors with the sharp black.
Crazy Layers.
No pants dance!
Bringin' back the fanny pack.
This. I love and Hate it. She needs this top hat. By Collective Chaos on Etsy.
So minty colors, charcoal grays, and florals, meet black. My version take one!

Forever 21 grey puff sleeve cardigan, Vintage mint green sweater with pearl accents, vintage gap skirt, Ann Taylor shoes. Necklace -Faux Japanese Vintage pearls, brass, crystal quartz. Love.

I have a distinct feeling this will happen again.


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  1. socks and sandals? really? I cannot take that seriously. -Jana