Monday, January 18, 2010

Black Magician Girl

Ok, so I really have moved on from my super goth days as a teen, But I have a really warm fuzzy place in my heart for all things black and gloomy. I love goth Lolita, I swoon over Alexander McQueen, and Ann Demeulemeester, and Tim Burton will always have a place dead center of my heart (even if I really dislike everything he's done lately. ~sigh~)

So when i can across these on Etsy, I had a little fit. Oh My Goth.
A Black PVC SHRUG! Yes please!

This top and skirt are KILLER! I know that I would wear the shirt!

Probably with something under it.

But wait. What is this? A Puff Sleeve zip front ruched PVC jacket?! Be Still my black heart.
Look at the neck on that thing! Uh. Yes.
All I have to say is PVC puff sleeves. And thy are not a hot mess (that they could be so easily. anyone who has ever worked with PVC knows this. God. How did she get the ruching to work?)

Anyway, find these pieces on ETSY. Decadent Designs

Hell Yes.


  1. You know I have a place in my dark little heart for all of this stuff. I love with a capital LOVE those shoes!

  2. I don't know why you'd wear something under that fabulous top. Nipples are very in right now.

  3. Hey, have you ever read any Neil Gaiman? I'm thinking Sandman here. You know, the first time I read Sandman, Death really reminded me of you. That sounds horrible, but you'd understand if you've read it. She's gothy but funny and silly and she has a huge floppy hat collection (not specific to you, but whatevs), and...yeah. Go check it out. :D

  4. Those shoes are weapons!! I'm sure of it!