Sunday, June 7, 2009

in desperate need of a tripod

The other day I was making my usual sad attempt at photographing my wearings when an accident occurred. I had arranged my precious camera on a chair (stupid stupid stupid) in hopes of capturing a great shot (ha!). I hurried into position and I must have bumped the chair because the camera and tripod crashed off the side. AAAAGGGGG! The good news: my camera sustained no damage (oh thank you lucky stars) The bad: my dollar store tripod had bitten the dust. ~SIGH~

In further bad news, Guilt Groupe, which if you are unfamiliar with be sure to check out, had an Alexander McQueen Sale the other day. Ehhh. I desperately longed to drop money on this skirt. I'm not one for butterfly print but seriously. OMG. Pockets.

I would love for either one of these to come wandering into my closet also. Gawd, the the colors on that Kimono dress are so yummy.
The ruffle tank is one of the most impractical pieces of real clothing I have ever seen. I WANT IT BAD. I would wear it every day dragging across gravel and though mud puddles. I think that would truly make Alexander happy.

But this dress. THIS DRESS.

I would do dirty, nasty, horrible things to own.
And I would wear it to the grocery store. Just because I could.

What designer would you wear every day of your life?

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