Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uncreative Title

A lovely rust and wood bridge lays just in view of my apartment. I have been itching to get out and photograph on it, but just haven't really had the time. I finally grabbed a few minuets to shoot this evening, and I learned a few things.
One, use the sun. I should have attempted to shoot from the other direction.
Two, shoot a bit later. If I had waited about 30 minuets or so the sun would have been a bit lower and warmer(colored).

Vintage Dress, Delias* Cardigan, Tights?, Salvatore Ferragamo flats courtesy of Southern Comforts, Necklace by Me!

Three, Have fun! The more I enjoy taking the shot the better it looks! And Smile woman! SMILE!
Last note.
It's 90 + degrees out. Why am I in a cardigan and tights?
I couldn't dress weather appropriate if I had a stylist.
So yes, I was warm.


  1. Thats just like me. I wear layers even during a heatwave. People look at me with that "isnt she hot?" look on their faces. The answer is yes. Yes I am.

    I like your dress :)

  2. adorable outfit!! i love your dress!!

  3. I love the way that the dress looks with the cardigan, and the color of it its beautiful!!!
    love pink :P


  4. Hooksies: Hooray Layers!
    Lolita:Thank you so much
    aGdame: Thank you! The next time I photograph it I'll do a better job to show off the print in the dress:)

  5. What a wonderfull shoot, such a pretty pattern on the dress. Lovely !