Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crown Town and Southern Comforts, together at last

One of my favorite shops in the world is Southern Comforts Antiques in Concord, NC. Unlike most antique malls that allow stuff to pile up in a most unattractive manner, SoCo treats their shop as a boutique. They treat every single item as special and give it a place of honor in a vignette. Each tiny scene is displayed to make you think about the origin, use, and history of each item involved. Frequently turning the original purpose right on it head, to give it a whole new use. And they are quick to think up new ideas, making SoCo an ever-evolving gallery of history. It’s not unusual for them to rearrange the entire shop 2-3 times a month. In doing so, they make stuff that is literally decades old seem so fresh and new! In conjunction with beautiful furniture, vintage accessories, and the most unique retro dishware, they specialize in carrying items with the hopes of them getting a second life in a crafter’s capable hands. They search out buttons, sewing patterns, game pieces, ephemera, vintage beads, books, lace, millinery flowers, tins... ...the list goes on. All carried with the intent of catering to crafters with an unusual taste and sense of repurpose (as well as history).

They have taken this desire to involve local artists to the next level and have invited the members of Crown Town Handmade to participate in an exclusive event just for us! This Saturday (July 31) from 9:30 am – 5pm a group of us crafty types will be selling our wares to the citizens of Concord. Alongside Crown Town’s finest will be local author and historic re enactor Nancy B. Brewer, to promote her new book Carolina Rain. So join us this weekend for Arts, crafts, history, and yummy snacks. We will be having a great time, and we hope you can join us!




  1. what great pics...vanessa? i recognize you're wonderful eye!

  2. I love shops that do this. It makes even the casual browser so much more likely to pick an item up.

    I love the way antique shops always make you wonder, "I wonder what this item's last owner was like..." :)