Saturday, July 17, 2010

Petal Trail

As i was photographing today, I noticed the edging of the grass. How could you not? It's bright pink! Bright Fuchsia petals made a sweet little trail adjacent to the sidewalk. I just love little beauties.I tried to get a shot with the pink trees in the background, but I would have been forced to photograph right in front of people, and I'm just not up for that yet. Too shy.
Dress Thrifted UO, Slip thrifted Banana Republic, Shoes Ann Taylor, Necklace Gift from my friend Merissa
My dress is an Urban Outfitters sheer cotton dress I picked up when I was thrifting the other day. Not too shabby for $3!
I very rarely wear jewelry that I didn't create. I'm not that self centered, it's just important when you make (and sell) jewelry that you act as your own billboard. Also people get disappointed when they ask "Oh is that one of your pieces?" and I kinda shift around in my shoes and give a half hearted "no." However, If a talented friend or kind artist takes the time to make and gift me something, I will wear and share. My friend Merissa of Merissa Explains it all made this just for me for Christmas, and I luv it. And it matched my dress perfectly. PERFECTLY! So no. I didn't make this one. But yes, it's awesome.

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