Friday, July 2, 2010

all eyes on me in the center of the ring (just like a circus)

I awoke Tuesday morning at 4:00 am. I showered, dressed, did my hair, and went to work. We don't open until 10 AM. So why would I do something so batty(on my day off no less)? Because we were being featured on the local fox news channels version of Good Morning America, called Fox News Rising. Beadlush was being interviewed by Jon Wilson of Wilson's World! So besides being awake at stupid o'clock in the morning, we had a great time. I got to be on TV talking about one of my greatest passions. It was simply thrilling! You can watch a good chunk of it at

I was limited as to what i could wear because there are rules. No patterns, No black, no white. Other than that, go nuts.

So i opted for one of my only options. I went with Navy up top. That narrowed my choices elsewhere. I went with my favorite teal skirt (yes. I have more than one. But few plain, un-patterned shirts in colors other than black. )
Urban Outfitters navy top (gift from Mom), Skirt& Belt thifted, American Apparel tights, Seyshelles shoes (gift from John), Necklace My Design.
and embellished with my new necklace.
I was inspired by old Circus posters. Like this one. And this one. And this one. I love this one.But the majority of my palate came from this illustration of a circus poster by artist Elly Walton
I used dyed web jasper, Swarovski pearls, coral, copper chain (and findings), unikite (elephant), vintage glass, and a big sparkly Swarovski Pendant.

My circus kick is getting a little obsessive. I'm thinking Halloween costumes are in order here.


  1. I love you outfit! And the fact the circus has been inspiring you is awesome! I love the traditional american circus. If it doesn't smell like sawdust, cotton candy, and elephant poop, then I'm sorry, it isn't a circus!!! (Yes I'm talking to you Cirque Du you suck) May all your days be circus days!

  2. Loooove the necklace. The rest of the outfit too, but the necklace especially. The colors are great! And your bead shop looks awesome...As burnt out on beads as I am after Vanille, I want to go there.

  3. Vanessa,

    You really look great, your necklace is wonderful looks very beautiful on you.

    Michael A. Lopez

  4. Jana, I'm so glad that you approve!
    Mariel, Addicting...
    Michael, Thank you! I didn't expect to see you on here! :)