Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Want Wednesday

another Seychelles set

I'm finding Myself completely obsessed with yet another pair of Seychelles. This time its the "Turning Point" heel. One part sandal, one part low heel, total perfection. While I have a deep and abiding need for all of the colors, most likely I will break down and purchase myself a pair in green. I just feel like my summer won't be complete with out them. I' m probably being a bit overdramatic. Probably.
Thanks to Kaelah at Little Chief Honey Bee, I'm loveing these Old Navy dresses too. She wore it today on her Blog and looks so cute I'm dying to get one. And they are on sale. Crap. If you yell into my bank acount you can hear an Echo. Because its empty. And big empty things echo... like caves...anyway...

What's making your wallet light this season?

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