Thursday, June 27, 2013

Social(ly Awkward) Media

So at about 5:20 today I was researching the Charlotte blogging scene for a project at work when I came across The Charlotte Social. This was exactly what i was looking for!  A blogging group that links Charlotte bloggers and the social  media savvy to each other and to local businesses. Now that I had found them I just had to attend the next event, which turned out to start 40 minuets later! Lydia (Boss) was kind enough to let me scoot off a bit early to catch up with this lovely group. We met at NoDa Brewing Co, had a few beers (well I had one. I'm a LIGHTWEIGHT), enjoyed some delicious tacos from the Tin Kitchen truck, and were, ya know, social. Or, I tried to be. I basically tripped all over myself for about 10 min before getting quiet and fumbling with my phone. After getting my beer (NoDahito) and my taco (potato and honey encrusted Halibut) I relaxed a good bit. I met some sweet ladies that I hope to see again and am quite excited about cross promotion possibilities.

This is my slightly terrified/ super awkward face.
Rushing out of work early, sweaty, gross, and not looking my best paid off. I met a super nice group that I look forward to future interactions with, both on and offline!



  1. It was so great meeting you I'm so glad you decided to come last minute! Can't wait to catch up again soon and to start reading more of your blog!

  2. How crazy that you found out about the group just minutes before the next meet-up! I'm so glad you came out and I hope to see you at the next one. P.S. That photo is not awkward - it's cute!

  3. The other day I had James ride around Charlotte until we hunted down Tin Kitchen. It was so worth it. Those taco's are the bomb!