Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tea for 2(sday) breakfast and tea

I love breakfast. It's not a meal I typically focus on much during the work week, so on my "days off" I try to take the time for me. I curl up in my oversized sweater and slippers and enjoy. This is a pretty typical "me time" meal, though I prefer local fruit to also make an appearance, but most importantly, i must have my mug of tea. Today I have selected Bigelow's Constant Comment Green tea. I LOVE this tea. I drink it constantly with nothing else added. With breakfast I over steep it just a bit and add honey and a dab of almond milk.


 On the rest of menu? Whole wheat toast, Egg over medium, and NC Berry Best Jam.

Imladris Farm Jam is AMAZING.

Always be sure to eat your breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day!
What is your favorite breakfast dish?

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