Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragoncon part 1

So it has been a bit more than a week now. The non alcohol induced hangover has subsided, my sleep schedule seems to be more on track, and (most importantly) the photos are starting to trickle out onto the internet. I'm going to begin by say that Dragon*Con was SO MUCH FREAKING FUN. omg.
Next time I go (and there WILL be a next time) I fully intend on planning more. Making selections ahead of time as to what I would like to participate in, Have all my costume stuff finished before I go, and schedule eating and sleeping times. Also, though costumes are NOT optional for this convention (at least with my crew) I think Monday will be just a cute outfit day. Also, no platform heels at all. Geeze.
So Friday was ADVENTURE TIME! If you are unfamiliar with this show you can watch the original short, but it only touches on the amazingness that is this show. I mean its a cartoon that John watches and likes, so yeah. 

We did not end up with the greatest quality photos of this, (so hopefully a photo shoot is in the future) but I love this costume. I love this dress, I love the wig, I love being pink, and I love Princess Bubblegum. What isn't to love about a scientist princess that has marshmallow tea parties, and is made of bubblegum? She is truly a fantastic character, not just your average waif. That really is what does it for me with AT. The characters are all fleshed out nicely, and are quite likeable.

PB and Fiona

 Party God and Fiona high fiving to infinity

 Yes,  there was real booze in the cup. the key word is "was".
Day one under our belts, we looked forward to the next "adventure"
Check back for Part 2!

Also this is the last day(!!!) to enter my contest and win some earrings. Only a few hours left!
Princess Bubblegum (Vanessa*)

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