Monday, February 18, 2013

Swingin Afternoon

  If you aren't from NC, then you wouldn't know how ridiculous our weather has been lately. Most of the time we have been hovering between 40 & 60 degrees, but we have had days in the 70's followed very quickly by low 30's and snow. Oh, and SO MUCH RAIN. So any day that is pleasant it's nice to get out of the apartment for a walk. John and I were joined by his sister Sarah, and we went for a quick walk around the corner. There is a crappy tiny park around the corner with swings. So off we went for a little break.

 This is the closest thing to a full body show we managed to get today (i'm the worst blogger. I swear) so i guess it will have to do.

dress: Modcloth
shirt: Forever 21
tights: Target
Shoes: Urban outfitters
Jewelry: Corvidae

Anyway, we had a lovely time, and we made it home before the rain set in.
Oh, and as a bonus, here is a picture of a duck we saw on out walk. Hope you guys have been ducky(sorry)!

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