Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Every year since I was a little girl, I have eagerly anticipated the arrival of my favorite holiday. More so than Christmas and Easter, my deranged little heart has always belonged to Halloween. I would plan my costume months in advance, and some years begin work on it as early as July. As I have gotten older, life has gotten in the way of my childhood joy and I usually only have a few weeks to prepare. I hadn't even decided what I wanted to dress as by the end of September this year! Unheard of! Well, I had an idea. While I was never the kid who wanted to be a movie character, I didn't really cover a lot of the classic costumes. Sure, I've been a vampire, a number of zombies (though never on Halloween),  a fairy princess, and an angel (give me a break here. I was like 8).  But I've never been a ghost. What kid has never been a Ghost? Easiest costume ever right? That's it though. It was too easy. I've always liked a challenge.  So this year my challenge is simple.  The last 15 days of October, wear a costume. 15 days, 15 costumes. I do work a full time retail job with sweet old lady customers so I won't go full on Zombie until nearly the 31st but I want to see if I can pull some Sartorial versions of classic costumes from my closet (supplementing with trips to the thrift and costume shop of course)
  So I need your help with something. I know some of the costumes that I will be doing, but I need some votes to narrow the the rest. And there is added benefits to voting. I will post a full list of all of the options in my next post as well as a super secret surprise. 
Stay tuned my pretties!

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