Friday, October 14, 2011

Drumroll Please...


I finally got around to tallying the votes. I let two other people vote in person, but worry not my faithful readers, they were not entered into the contest.  So without furter ado, this how the line up stands in the order of most to least votes:
1)alien (everyone wanted to see this. Every single voter)
2) Devil (all but two wanted this. The funniest thing? Only one vote for Angel)
3) Mad Scientist (all but two)
4) pumpkin
5) Alice
6) cat
7) Vampire
8) Snow White (there you go Mom)
There were several that tied for my last slot so I picked my favorite. My contest, my rules. The last one is...
9) Frankenstien's Monster!

And now for my end of the bargin.. The winner of my Trick or Treat goody bag is...


This won't be the first of my contests, so read often. 
 Thanks for playing kids!

I can't wait to start wearing these! Starting October 16th I will be costuming daily. Hopefully posting daily too :) 
Watch my Twitter and Facebook for preview photos.



  1. You KNOW why no one picked angel, Nessa!!? You are one EVERY day!! Are you wearing the costumes in the order you posted? Congrats Jennifer! I am soooo glad you will be Snow White!

  2. No. I will not be wearing them in that order. Some will be more involved and I will be wearing them more towards Halloween. I will start simple and work to more costume-y. I also have a few others picked out that I haven't announced yet.

  3. I voted for both devil and angel... so I must have been the only vote for angel. Too bad, you'd make a cute angel. If you go as Lucifer, you can be both at once, sort of! (jana)