Monday, June 6, 2011

Tealing With It

So I have likely destroyed my very favorite skirt in the world. Words of wisdom? Don't overdo it (or over leave) Shout on you heavily pigmented, all cotton skirt. I am going to attempt to restore it to its former, turquoise, non splotchy glory, but I don't have access to a dye vat or endless supplies of RIT like I did in college, so I don't have high hopes. So instead, I have begun my mission of finding a suitable replacement.I love the color and the belt on this Lapoubelle Vintage one, but not the shape as much. I prefer much fuller skirts.
Obviously this More Of Dorothy skirt is too long, but I can hem things, and I think the shape is good.

I love the pleated shape of this handmade DBL Happiness skirt, but I'm not sure of how big it gets.
OMG POCKETS! This Girl Can't Talk 50's house skirt is KILLING me with cuteness. I may end up with it regardless.And last (but no least) I love the shape and the magical polka dots(!) of this DAtlanda skirt. Doesn't fit my needs really, but nestles nicely into my wants :P

What do we think? I want some opinions here. I am likely to end up with one or more of these skirts, I just need to narrow down. Help me out here!


P.S. if you are thrifting, and you come across a teal True Blue brand skirt, Get it and I will pay handsomely. I miss mine :..(

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  1. Even I want the DBL Happiness Skirt, and the 50's house skirt has pockets, so I say buy both! But buy one in a 10 so I can steal it from you ;)