Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bells on Their Toes

I'm kinda in love with these Maio sandals from Asian ICandy. They aren't even that expensive (completely with my summer shoe budget), and are even made of leather. So what is stopping me? Everyone I know would beat me to a pulp if my feet made constant jingle noises.
It's just not meant to be.

What are you pining for?



  1. I wore a bell anklet for years, and those people still talk to me....just sayin' ;) As for what I'm pining for, I want a 1950's swing dress that doesn't come up under the arms like a vise. Where am I gonna find it? I suppose I'll actually have to make a modified version of a vintage pattern...c'est la vie....

  2. They're cute! I wouldn't beat you up for jingling.. maybe you need more tolerant friends! I'm pining for super gorgeous Michael Kors watch. It's $195 and a completely unrealistic purchase, but it's so gorgeous. It's okay that I'll never have it, I like to pine. ~Jana

  3. Pining is Ok as long as its not all consuming.
    Jana $195 for a really nice investment watch is really not bad! You could save up for it a bit at a time, like every time you want a coffee out somewhere, skip it and stick the $ in an envelope. Adds up way faster than you think.
    Megan, Have you been checking your local vintage shops? A good swing dress is hard to come by and will most likely cost you a pretty penny ($60 - $120) if you send me an example of what you are looking for I will keep my eyes peeled for you <3