Friday, October 8, 2010

Pom Pom

In honor of teaching the altered t-shirt class I decided I needed to create something new to wear. I would love to say that this was completely invented by my brilliant mind, but sadly chance has a great deal to do with this. I was playing with the pom poms to see if I could create anything brilliant, and I kicked the little bucket of them. Tiny colored fluff balls spilled all over the neck and shoulder of the this tank I had intended on altering. I immediately fell in love with the random pattern, and began replacing some of the colors for less clashing ones. Staying with a more limited palate, I ended up with something I really loved!

Yellow tights and the blue cardigan picked up the colors in the Pom Poms.

Vintage cardigan bought at Hong Kong vintage, DIY pom pom tank, Forever 21 skirt, Anthropologie tights, Ann Taylor Shoes, Jewelry By me!

Sorry about all the harsh light! I going to try to get up earlier to get better photos. I just love my sleep!


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