Tuesday, September 21, 2010

T-D off?

Would you belive that my super cool wrap around top used to be a sleep shirt, formerly discarded by the boyfriend? How did i make this transformation? Well wouldn't you like to know. Well? Wouldn't you?
It's your lucky week! Next Thursday night (September 30th) I will be teaching this shirt (and two more) at the lovely Patchwerk Playhaus (located in the back of Century Vintage) for Crown Town Handmade's monthly Make Out session. Each moth we meet and join the community in crafting for craft's sake. In other words, sharing and learning new skills because we all love creating! Here's the details.

T-d Off? Revamp your T-Shirts! It's time to add some flair to one of the the most underappreciated workhorses in your closet, The T-shirt! Try your hand at up to three different techniques to change the way you wear and look at tees. Bring at least one fitted tee and one a bit loose. Bonus points for funny (or unintentionally funny) T-shirts! If you don't want to cut anything up, there will be items to zazz up a boring basic, or enhance one of your favorites.
When: Thursday September 30th 7:30pm
What :Make out session!
Why?: Why not? What else are you gonna do on a Thursday night!
Join Us!

(Vintage shirt that belonged to my mom (until i stole it), Anthropologie skirt, Old Navy Shoes, Vintage millinery floral pin (purchased at SoCo Antiques), lastly the wrap shirt and earrings made by me!)

See you then,

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