Friday, April 9, 2010

Put A Ring On It

Ring from WooHoot on ETSY

In case anyone has missed it, I really love jewelry. I kinda obsess over it. Necklaces are my favorite, followed by earrings, but I very rarely buy them. I will, however, buy the Hell outta some rings. I adore how big rings make my already tiny hands look even smaller. I love the weight, i like to watch them move as I type or wire wrap. Weird right?Just like gloves, I love how rings accent and draw attention to my hands which are one of my favorite human features. They are so important! They are how most of us create. I know one of my greatest fears is damage to my precious creators, My nimble little spinners of magic. To quote Sandra Oh (yes I watch Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why. I don't even like it anymore. Don't judge me)
"My hands are tiny little geniuses." Love love love love the owl and the Carnelian.

All the rest of these are for sale at Southern Comforts in Concord N.C.



  1. I thought those rings looked familiar!!

  2. I love that purple one in the middle on the last photo!