Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Shown Plot Line

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So yes. Harry Potter was good. Not fabulous, but good. Enjoyable. I didn't leave the theater retching. By far the worst part of it was the near omission of the title plot. The movie draws nearly to an end, Snape has killed Dumbledore, the Death Eaters flee the scene, credits prepare to roll. Suddenly Snape spins on his heel and points at Harry. "OH Sh*t! We forgot about the title plot! Um.. I'm the Half Blood Prince, Not Voldemort. In case you were wondering. So, I'm gonna shove off then. You can roll credits now."
Ok, so not exactly like that. But you get the point.
The best part of the evening wasn't the flick anyway. It was the event. My crew of usual suspects mucked about in our dress-up bins until we could find suitable garments for the occasion. Brittany of course had two (yes 2) costumes on hand that she had made for previous book realises or movie premieres. One Azkaban prison uniform(donned by Jin), and one Quidditch Player (Beater for the Magpies. Complete with broom which she herself sported) I strung together a Bellatrix which was perfect to match Richard's Voldemort. We were a HIT.

The whole (evil) gangs here."Oh my Dark Lord let me be near you..."
"and gaze upon you..."
"...and kiss your hand" (people were staring for this one)
Brittany makes one hell of a Quidditch Player
Look! She's taken flight! The Magpies lost a very important match that Voldy Had a great deal of money riding on. Too bad for Britt. "AVADA KADAVRA!"
"JIN! Stop being so adorable! You are a hardened criminal who has gone completely Mad in Azkaban!"
Jin: "I can't help it. I'm just not good at being bad."
We had TONS of photos taken and we ended up on the news. Again. The camera man commented that were seemed quite at ease. Brittany just laughed and replied "We are used to it."


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  1. I also noticed the total lack of the title plotline, but enjoyed the movie just the same. Too bad it will be an entire year before we see the next installment.
    I have a picture of you as Rita Skeeter; did I send it to you?