Saturday, July 25, 2009

dorothy syndrome

Desperately seeking red shoes. I need more color in my life.Adorable outfit courtesy The Black Apple
Her Blogs are just an enormous inspiration to me.Chloe Sevigny Looking just so amazing (per usual)idee_geniale
She has a beautiful pinup inspired style (luv it!)
The Cherry Blossom Girl.
Her blog is beautiful. Just Beautiful.
I would love these Betsy Johnson "lois" booties. (hint hint John!)
They have the idea of the Chanel booties, (Sea of Shoes)
but have a look that is far more... well, ME!
Sweet Dreams.
Click your heels together.


  1. You know...I like the BJs better than the Chanel ones. Very cute. Very cute, indeed. =D

  2. I like the black apple t-straps. Tres chic!
    Oh and, just because I'm Megan: It's spelled Dorothy ;)

  3. FYI: They have those BJ Lois' on ebay for 80.99 free shipping in a Size 5 1/2. I know you're on the border, soooo....