Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sister Style

 My sister is seriously one of my closest friends. When she "moved" to California for a few months this summer I missed terribly. We typically get along like peas and carrots thought there is guaranteed to be at least one slap fight if we spend more than 8 hours together. (usually less. Sometimes a pea just has to smack a carrot.)
We are 4 years apart and sometimes I feel as though we were raised on different planets. We didn't always get along, like, at all, but over time we came to realize that our core values are the same, and we geek out pretty equally over the same stuff. You know important things like cartoons, cute stuff, comic books and science. And that is really what you build a friendship on. Being a (mostly) good person to one another and obsessing over Gravity Falls together.

One place we definitely (still) don't see eye to eye on is the way we dress. We are completely different in our styles though we both draw inspiration from similar sources. We have been told we both dress like old people, I an old woman, and Alicia an old man. While these outfits are really showing that (though we are both wearing vintage pieces more than 30 years old) I often tend to agree. In any case, we are gonna be some badass old ladies together. 


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