Friday, October 19, 2012

Polka Dot-Dash

 Moment of honesty: This is from September. I'm really far behind. To be fair my life is so booked solid this moth that I have a hand written calender I have to check every morning. I'm aware that most people do this on a regular basis. As you may have concluded from this blog, I'm not most people. I lead my life disorganized and scatterbrained. I have been desperately trying to add a schedule to my life to make it easier to get things done, but so far all that works in my lists. I don't think I will ever be without a paper note pad to jot down my thoughts and lists. It's the only think that keeps me grounded-ish.

Cardigan: Thrifted kids (Old Navy i think)
Dress: Target Kids
Necklace: Corvidae
Tights: Target (i think)
Shoes: Seychelles

What keeps your head from spinning off its shoulders?
Inquiering minds need to know.


  1. The second picture is the best. Not totally sold on the dress, but the colour of the cardigan suits you.

    1. Thanks! My BF likes that one the best too :) I'm partial to the swishy skirt photo myself.

  2. Hi, Vanessa! We love many of the same things. I live in NC also! I am in Moore County. Do you know Pinehurst area? Anyway, love your style. Followed you and look forward to keeping up with another North Carolina girl!!

    Lynn Dylan

    1. Yay NC! I'm not so familiar with the Pinehurst area I'm afraid. I'm in Charlotte, grew up in High Point, and went to college in Greensboro. I've been to Raleigh/ Chapel Hill/ Durham a few times, but never more a weekend or so (always to visit friends or nerd out at conventions) so I've not traveled about the area much. Anyway, Nice to meet you Lynn!