Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wise Owl

There has been a massive lack of outfit photos as of late. Part of it has been a busy (or very sick) cameraman, part of it has been a never ending monsoon every afternoon. For some reason John doesn't like taking the camera out in the pouring rain. I wonder why... 
Anyway, we had a lovely evening last night so directly before dinner John and I went out to nab some LAST minute photos.  Directly after the last photo was snapped the sun dropped below the horizon. Excellent timing on our part because the sun was gorgeous. It did result in a bit of scrambling.

Dress: Target (Kids Section)
Cardigan: Madewell
Belt: Frye (thrifted)
Shoes: Dolce Vita (Ebay score)
Jewelry: Corvidae
Bag: C/O  Glamour Owl

What I love about my crazy way of life is the unique people I meet. Combine all my walks of life (jewelry, crafts, antiques, nerdiness, and blogging) and I have truly made contact with talented folks all as different from each other as they are interesting. Marie of Glamour Owl is one such Lady. She wandered into Beadlush one day and fell in love with a SoCo owl pendant. She liked it so much she had the design updated, vectored and turned into her logo! Marie has since purchased Swarovski crystals for her beautiful t-shirts and taken classes with us. We love to see her smiling face (and her adorable daughter's) come around the shop. She recently launched her line of clothing centered on the owl image and I really love them. I'm not much of a t-shirt girl but i may have to make an exception for this tank top.
Anyway, we loaned her some dress forms for her launch and as a thank you she sent this bag full of goodies.  I seriously have been dragging the thing everywhere and it's holding up very well. I love that the colors match everything I wear.

So to sum up, Glamour Owl is awesome and local to Charlotte (yay local!), and I still can't make a normal face in photos. Boo.


(this post is unsolicited. I was not asked to do it, I just like Marie and her stuff. So go buy it.)