Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring In Winter

A few weeks ago spring weather set in a little bit early. These photos were taken mid February, and as you can see, it was warm. Very. John and I decided to head down to Freedom park, which neither of us had ever been to. The size of the place kinda blew me away. I look forward to coming back and have a lazy Sunday: picnics, long walks, and swing set time.

My legs made their seasonal debut and as you can see, they are WHITE. I'm hoping to spend more time outside this summer and get some much needed vitamin d. I'm going to miss the cooler weather, but I really want to get out doors this summer. John and I have discussed camping, and I couln't be more thrilled. I love hiking, camping, and the whole outdoor experience. Here's to hoping we can find the time for it.

Dress: thrifted, taken in
Blouse: Arden B
Socks: Kmart
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: Corvidae

Hope you all are enjoying the change of the weather,


  1. You know I love the Peacock Blues! And don't knock the whitey legs.....mine are like that all the time ;)

  2. I'm kinda in denial thinking that mine will be any other color than clear :)