Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold and Quick

Brrrrrrr! It getting so cold out! Just getting these shots was incredibly difficult! My toes were numb!

Also, Hello winter static. This was a new experience with my bangs. A two inch chunk in the middle of my face spent half of the day sticking straight up, the other half plastered to my face. I have to figure out a way around that. I love how I had no feet in these photos. The tiny hill I was standing on had really soft ground and I kinda sunk into the grass. So let's just assume I was wearing some Loubutins or something.

Dress: Gift from my sister (from JAPAN!)
Belt: Vintage
Slip: Forever 21
Tights: doubled for warmth, Target
Shoes: (unseen, not Loubotins) Vintage Ferrigamo courtesy of SoCo Antiques
Necklace: Corvidae

Here's hoping for slightly warmer weather.

P.S. How do you guys like the new look? I played for a long time to find something I was happy with. Let me know what you think!

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