Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Last Saturday night, I went to the Carnival. But not the one you would think. I attended my friend Amanda's 28th birthday bash, for which she had decided upon a carnival theme. I had a friggin blast!
There were Games, real cotton candy,
a fantastic band (Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands They were AMAZING!), Yes. She is playing a saw. Amazing.
corn dogs and popcorn, home made caramel apples, A DUNKING BOOTH(!!!), pie judging,Late night (legal) Absinthe, a napping blanket :),
and good people.

I went dressed as the midway fortune teller. Everything came right out of my closet just as is. Hmmm...(Vintage scarf, thrifted jacket, target v-neck tshirt, David Meister (thrifted) silk skirt, target sandals, Jewelry all mine.)

Amanda was wearing the cutest dress! ( i meant to ask her where she got it but i forgot) She was asked if she was going in the dunk tank. Her reply? "No way! This dress is dry clean only!" Ha!

There was nothing missing! I don't think I had that much fun when I went to real carnival!

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  1. What a fantastic post about my party! Thanks so much for documenting all the details! You got some really great photos, some that I actually forgot to take myself. This link is immediately going on Facebook! I'm SO glad you came. I had such a great time hanging out with everyone.

    And oh, the dress was from the clearance rack at Anthropologie. Oh yeah.