Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm back!

I am So back! After taking basically a month off of my internet shenanigans I have returned. Hopefully to bring you lots of exciting stories, photos, and hopefully weekly features. Lets begin with ...
Crafty Purchases!
This one is going to feature I items I have purchased to use in my crafty endeavours. Sometimes it will be showing several items (one of a kind or close to it) that I intend to use for jewelry (or something else nifty). Others I will focus on one commercial item and review it. This would be spledid oppourtunity for the thousands upon thousands of companys who have been reading my blog in anticipation of an invite to send me free things. I know you are now, as we speak, boxing up your finest goods for me to get my hot little hands on. I can't wait for it all to arrive.
(man I'm funny)
So without further a due,
Crafty Purchases!Lets begin with the ones I need to explain the most. These are sacred heart Milagros from ALAMO2003 on ETSY

Milagros (also known as an ex-voto or dijes) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, other areas of Latin America, as well as parts of the Iberian peninsula. They are frequently attached to altars, shrines, and sacred objects found in places of worship, and they are often purchased in churches, cathedrals or from street vendors.

Milagros come in a variety of shapes and dimensions and are fabricated from many different materials, depending on local customs. For example, they might be nearly flat or fully three dimensional; and they can be constructed from gold, silver, tin, lead, wood, bone, or wax. In Spanish, the word milagro literally means miracle or surprise. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Next up tiny tiny little cross charms from cOveTableCuriOsitIEs on ETSY
And all of these lovelies come from one of my favorite shops on the planet. Southern Comforts in Concord,NC. They have the best most unique items at the best prices and the staff (well the two of them) are so helpful.

This concludes the first edition of
Crafty Purchases!
Many more to come so stay tuned!
Let me know which is your favorite purchase and what you can't wait to see become gorgeous jewelry!



  1. Niftaroonie! I am a fan of Southern Comforts, though I cannot enter the store. The one and only time I walked in I immediately impulse-purchased this really awesomely groovy and funky table. My husband freaked and started this frugality initiative wherein we have to eat everything in our pantry before we get new food. Damn. (He's the cook, which is how he gets to make that rule.)Very interesting info on the milagros.

  2. I love love love love their shop. I with I could get them in a Magazine or something. its just so damn cute!