Monday, November 4, 2013

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Even though this year was a pretty light one (for me anyway) costume wise, I still had a great deal of fun just screwing around with my friends. For the first time in 2 years I went out on the Saturday before halloween. The night all the drunk 20-something's celebrate. Brittany (who rarely ends up on my blog costume-less), my sister, I decided this year we were going out with the masses. We ended up at the Music Factory for a rather large, loud event. It was so loud and distracting that I failed to take even one single photo. Ah, well. We crowd watched, took in the costumes, and had 1 beer. We are party animals. A bit after midnight the decision was made to head uptown and grab a bite to eat. Fed and watered exhaustion was settling in, bit we couldn't go home without some photos! This church front was nicely lit, so the three of us goofed around and snapped some lousy photos.  

I was going to dress as an alien as my real costume wasn't finished yet, but I screwed around so long I ended up getting ready in 5 minuets flat. I was a bit disappointed i wasn't dressed a bit more costume-y but in the end I was just glad to be dressed (and warm-ish).
Purple blouse- Anthro I think (via Buffalo Exchange)
Blouse as vest- Forever 21
Skirt- No tag (via clothing swap)
Crinoline- Hot Topic
Tights and Hat-Walmart
Gloves- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Vince Camuto (gift from Britt)
Necklace- Corvidae 

Overall, we had a really good time. It had been a while since the three of us had really been able to hang out and mess around. It just reminded me of how much I need to put in more effort to spend time with the people I love, instead of Netflix and Tumblr. 
Party On,


  1. Lovin the costumes!!! I'm a huge Halloweenie!! I just joined the Charlotte Social and was checking out some of the members! New follower!