Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The're All Gonna Laugh At You

With the Carrie remake being released just in time for Halloween (and me having all the necessities on hand) I decided it would be kinda fun. Since Halloween fell on a work day this year I opted against an accurate costume (you know the really easy one wear you just wear a long beige slip and dump blood all over you) and decided to go for a more stylized or glam Carrie. I still wanted copious amounts of blood, but I just didn't feel like being cold and sticky all damn day. 

After the dress, I decided the most important thing for a glamorous Carrie costume would be a dripping blood necklace. It's comprised of basically every red bead I had on hand. I used Czech glass for the bulk of it but there is a significant amount of crystal, pearls, and some vintage German drops. 
The make up was super easy to put on and a bitch to get off.  The base is a clown pink with cheap bright red over the top. I filled in the darker color from a wound fx set and lightened my eyebrows. For a subtle finishing touch I used red polish to create a drippy mani that I liked so much I may do it more often. And for the dress I took an entirely unworn (possible) bridesmaid dress out of my "to sell" pile and went to town on it. I used a blend of acrylic paint and water to alternately paint and dribble color down the front. I could have stopped there but I felt like I need some sparkle. I traced all the major dribble lines down with red glitter glue, and with my trusty E600 affixed every sparkly red drop or rhinestone I had on hand. I'm rather pleased with the result though I may add more in the future because let's face it, when it comes to sparkly blood, more is more. I love that this dress is something I'm sure to break back out for upcoming events. If I don't finish everything for Dragon Con then Carrie may make an appearance there, and I for see this dress being worn with full Zombie makeup because I have needed an undead prom queen costume in my life for far too long. Poor dress. You are going to get so much more wear now that I've destroyed you.

Year two for this tradition, Jennifer, myself, and our two Johns went out for Halloween Chinese food, and screwed around in the parking lot afterword. She is dressed as Harley Quinn, and I was having major wig jealousy. That thing was lovely. Isn't she just the cutest? So we fooled around for as long as the boys would put up with, and headed home. Both of us had work in the morning, and lots of makeup to scrub off. My bathtub is still full of red glitter. 
How was your Halloween?

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