Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 That title indicates that John and I went hiking well off into some scenic NC wooded barely worn trail. That would be just a touch misleading. We are but a few feet from a small section of the Charlotte Greenway. Not to say that it's not scenic (quite the contrary actually), but it's far from isolated. We had to wait several times over for bikers and curious walkers to pass before we could capture a useful selection of shots. In these first three photos I'm actually very aware of a large pile of dog doo, that I'm attempting (successfully. thank goodness) to avoid while flitting about like a hyperactive 7 year old. We are starting to loose the trees which is such a shame, as I've hardly had the time to take photos of myself in front of them hike and enjoy them, so we jumped at the chance on Sunday. This wasn't even close to the prettiest tree we passed, it was just the easiest one the shoot in front of as there was a convenient little clearing.

Blouse: Penguin  (Boris and Natashas)
Sweater: JCrew (kids sale section)
Dress: BB Dakota
Tights: Target
Boots: Seychelles (Ebay)
Necklace: Corvidae Jewelry

Don't let Fall pass you by without taking some time to enjoy it. It's so easy this time of year to get so focused on what we have to get done that we don't take time to breathe, and enjoy the little things. I'm very excited about Thanksgiving on Thursday and eating Pumpkin pie spending time with my family and John's. Hopefully, I won't lame out on you guys, and I will post a recipe or two this season, as well as some of our adorable family. Cross your fingers!

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