Monday, March 28, 2011

Nautical Nonsense

Corvidae has received such a soft launch. I had originally intended to have a huge Internet party and invite all the rich and famous to rub elbows with us common folk while enjoying tea and crumpets. Alas, time got in my way and I have been forced to slowly trickle my wares into the vast, wide sea that is the Internet. My precious gems sinking to the bottom of the deep blue sea. I mean Internet. Whatever. My point is that I didn't draw enough attention to myself so nobody noticed. I needed to put a stop to my poor time management and have a true "Grand Opening" celebration. I still felt as if my work didn't seem to really fit together. Enter my boyfriend. His suggestion to "follow through on what I have been saying I was gonna do for years" was the exact solution. Make a line. Release a seasonal line. His ideas helped me scale back my insanely over the top ambitions to something a one woman show could conceivable complete.
*set a launch date.
*stick to it (this will be the hardest)
*Pick a theme. (you know actually design a seasonal line)
*choose a palate
*Limit my pieces
5 "simple" necklaces
5 pairs of earrings
3-5 bracelets
Showcase pieces (1-3 standout couture crazy over the top pieces.)

So, I decided to design a summer line (since I kinda missed a spring launch. My yellow pieces kinda fit that bill) And what better theme for a summer only line than to jump right into a resort collection? That's right!
Corvidae's First line will have a nautical theme!
And though I will be drawing from a familiar theme (and sticking with some familiar colors and imagery) I was mostly inspired by this vintage illustration of starfish.
Stay tuned as I release design sketches and completed pieces. Who knows, maybe I will have a party after all...



  1. You can do eeet! I have faith in you ;) And where did you get the pallette pics? I would love to be able to utilize something like that.


    This place is so cool! I made the palates.

    Thanks for the support!