Thursday, August 18, 2011

Silver Lining

 I really love this outfit. Probably a bit too much. I've probably worn it 5 plus times since I put it together.
 I just can't help it.
 I love the swishy skirt (which is actually a dress), the easy T, one of my very favorite necklaces, and the shoes. Oh the shoes.

These babies were my birthday present from Merissa of Merissa Explains it all.  Vintage Silver brogues. LOVE! I can't wear them without being showered with complements.

Tee: Kholes
Dress (worn as skirt): Ross
Necklace: Corvidae
Bag: Swapped
I'm so thankful to John for the photo help he's been giving with my photos. Both with taking photos for me (such as the ones above) and with my jewelry.  I just need to get better about editing and posting them! I have so much excitement coming up so stay tuned!